WeekOfAwesome – Entry 01

In a precedent article I said that I am part of the GameDev community. And not long ago a Gamejam was announced! I took this opportunity to ask Armand, a friend also fond of video game development, to join me on this trip. This jam will last an entire week, and the theme is :

Toys are alive!

David : Midnight GMT + 5… It’s 18h over there right?
Armand : It’s the other way around. And you also have to add another hour.
D. : Oh. So 6. Like 6 in the morning?
A. : Yes.
D. : …

Early morning, next day.

Computer : bip…twuuuuuh. Didum!
D.: And the theme is…
A. by mail : Hey! Did you see the theme?
D. : I did.
A. by mail : So, inspired?
D. : Just let me go to work, wake myself on the way, and I will send you by mail some ideas.

Evening, still the same day.

At the end of the day, we had the base concept done. We settled on a puzzle/strategy game. There are part of toys falling out of a flying factory in the sky and the player as to get those part to create toys. As soon as a toy is ready he go straight to the attack of the enemy base.

This is, at least, the base of the concept. There is some twists, like the possibility to create different toys by using different parts, or creating some kind of spell cards, etc…

There is still a lot of issue to answer first, but for now…Prototyping time!

A. : Assembled toys. Can we have Flying T-Rex with a bazooka?
D. : ..We’ll see what we can do about that.

Two characters

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how a character is defined. There is the way s/he looks, how s/he act, her/his thoughts, etc… But more important is her or his link to other characters.

It struck me in games like the Last of Us with the synergy between Elie and Joel, or in Portal (1 and 2).

I based one of my project on this idea. Characters having a synergy between them, acting on their own because they care or hate another character. This project was a tactical RPG with modern firearm. And like the series of Valkyria Chronicles, enemy could shoot you if you enter their field of view.

As I was designing this, I imagined a young girl, crouched behind a crate. In front of her an enemy’s machine gun ready to shoot him. But the player didn’t saw the machine gun and he recklessly send one of his marksman, a young boy right in front of the machine gun. But the moment he is about to be shot, the young girld grab him and pull him under cover! She has no action point left, it’s not her turn, and yet she acted. Because she cared about the young boy.

I really wanted to implement this mechanism, but what is more frustrating that a soldier who doesn’t listen to orders? If it seems fun, engaging, it may be just annoying gameplay wise.

But still, I’d really love to put it in a game someday.