About me


My name is David ROGER, I am a game programmer by formation, and a game creator by passion 😀

On this page you will find a quick history of my new born career. I don’t go into the details, but if you have more questions don’t hesitate to contact me.


Personal projects

Since I learned C++ I always tried to create my own games. Even if I’m a programmer by formation, I often had to improvise and fill all the other positions. Game designer, project manager, engine designer, writer, sound designer, tester, etc… .

And because what I learned at school wasn’t enough, I tried by myself, failed by myself and also with my team, learn by myself, with my friends, with books or by interacting with game developer’s community. And I’m still doing it now, and I will still do it for quite a long time.

I put some of my projects on this page. And if most of them are only prototype, I’m proud of nearly every of them.



I will soon finish my fifth and last year in this school, and I will finally get my Master degree in Information Technology.

I really enjoy studied here, and the method of learning was perfect for me. All the learning is based on complete projects. Which means : a team, a subject, a deadline, a technology, and that’s all. How you will organize your team, how you will learn new technology, how you will design your software’s architecture, it’s all up to you. I learnt there that being technicaly good isn’t enough, and the value of a good team work and organisation is very important. I was forced to constantly adpat to the various problems I had to face, and manage my ressources. It is, in my opinion, a really good way to learn.

This is during my second year that I started programming video games during my free times, or, should I say, failing to program video games. 🙂



In my fourth year of study, I went to Daegu, in South Korea. I studied in the Mobile and Game Development department. This year I spent in Korea was shared between exploring a new country, meeting people from all over the world, and also polishing my skills in game development. As I programmed multiple game with a team as a part of the assignements.

This year also opened my eyes toward the international, and I’m now eager to go back in Korea, or any other country.


Epitech Innovative Project : Animate

This is the biggest project I did. The Epitech Innovative Project is the end-of-study project. Two years long, 13 peoples, it was truly a huge and ambitious project. We programmed an artificial inteligence engine with Unity 3D in C#, and it was hard. Working with this many people really put to test my teamwork ability. As it started during my fourth year, all the members of the team were in different countries. And managing a project of this size with the time lag is even harder.

But, in the end, we managed to win the first prize of the EPITECH Innovative Project 2014.



My first internship in the video game industry. I spent a really fun and formative time here. I had the chance to work on Styx : Master of shadow, and see the project grows and became bigger and bigger, and even witness the game mechanics I implemented in the game, this is so rewarding! Maybe I will go back here when I will finish my current internship 🙂



My actual position. Still in the video game industry but slightly different as I’am working as a build and release engineer on the project Watch_dogs and its DLC. As a build engineer I’m working on the back-end of the project, managing the build system, and programming some tools. Maybe not my dream job, but really interesting.

I though that being in a really big company would be more stressfull, but it isn’t the case at all, the people here are really friendly and nice. I’m having a great time here.


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