My projects

Here are some of my projects. Some of them are from a school projects in EPITECH, other are from when I was in Korea, and some are personal projects. I wrote quick descriptions for each one, but if you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact me 😀



Dark Horse, Dead City

(From june 2014  to present day)

Team : Solo project
Duration : …
Tool : Unreal Engine 4
Language : C++
Status : In developement toward a prototype
My role : Everything except art and audio assets.

Dark Horse, Dead City is a 2d side view RPG set in post apocalyptic world, with magical girl. Yeah, I know, sound cool isn’t it? The main particularity of the game are the combats. Which are not turn based but using real time action point. Each action cost a certain number of action point, and each n time you get an action point. In order to win you have to wisely use your action point between offensive and defensive spells. Another twist is the possibility to change your class during the fight in order to adapt your tactics.

There is a lot more to know about it, but I won’t go into details here. If you want to know more, here is a google presentation explaining a little more what the game intend to be.

It started as a training project with the Unreal Engine 4, and in order to give more sense to my training, I decided to start a game. It evolved as I discovered more cool stuff to do with the unreal engine 4, and finally I started to make a full game.

For the moment you can watch this « trailer » I made when playing around with the editor.

Dark Horse, Dead City (Dead Man Version)

(Around january 2014)

Team : Solo project
Duration : …
Tool : Unity3D
Language : C#
Status : Prototype
My role : Everything

This project with the overly long and frightening name is simply a first prototype. Each time I design the game I like to keep some elements that I feels good, gameplay mechanics, story, characters, etc… . This « Dead Man Version » is very similar to the « standard » version above. But it was set to be a tactical RPG game, similar to Disgaea, or Final Fantasy Tactic. Also, the story and setting was completly different.

For this game I wanted to focus on the interaction between the characters. The main features was the spell combination. If a mage launch a fireball at an enemy and a warrior is near this enemy, the warriour would use the fireball to boost his attack. Infortunately I could’nt implement everything, but I keep those ideas for latter use 😀

This is a rough prototype, so it is not really playable, (to quit, you have to alt + f4 your way out ^^’) but if you are curious, there it is.



(From the start of mars 2014 and the middle of mars 2014)

Team : Solo project
Duration : 2 weeks
Tool : Unity3D
Language : C#
Status : Finished
My role : Everything, except the creation of the art and music assets

This one is a very small project I made in two weeks. I gave myself one week to design the game and one to implement it. The result turned unexpectedly funny..
You can also download this one here. Extract the archive somewhere and launche Cowarden.

You play as a space station, and evil space cows attack you from all sides! Defend yourself!


My Resume

(From june 2013 to july 2013)

MyResum - All of my skills are displayed here.

Team : Solo project
Duration :  1 month
Tool : Unity3D
Language : C#
Status : Finished
My role : Everything, except for two tracks of the music assets.

I always thought that interactive resume made in a video game form were really cool. So I made my own. Please discover my journey, through two levels made with unity 3D.

Extract this archive and launch My_Resum_beta_0_2, enjoy 😀


Epitech Innovative Project : Animate

(From january 2012 to january 2014)

Team : 13 member from EPITECH and 4 additional artists.
Duration: 2 years
Tool : Unity3D
Language : C#
Status : Finished (…and has won a prize)
My role : Gameplay programmer, level designer,  Game Designer.

My biggest project. Two years long, more than 13 team members. Dispersed all over the world.  Animate was my end-of-study project. It aims to be an artificial inteligence engine. This project can be separated in two parts : The server side. Developped in C++, it’s handling the artificial inteligence and sending over the network informations to the  » graphical side » which is a client made with Unity3D. The client is only in charge of the display and taking the users’s input. With this separation, the idea was to reduce the pressure on the client side.

I worked on this project in the « graphical team », I was in charge of implementing game mechanisms in Unity3D in C# (moving, eating, etc….) I worked with a professional animator in order to implement the animation of our creatures in Unity3D.

Another part of my job was to create the « world » in which our creatures lived.

This project was really hard and stressful, with a lot of research involved. But, in the end it was a really valuable experience. And we even won the first prize of the Epitech Innovative Project 2014.



(From january 2013 to june 2013)

Team : 4 members
Duration : 6 month
Tool : Unity3D
Language : C#
Status : Finished (…sort of)
My role : Gameplay programmer, level designer, game designer, writer

Niveau final de notre jeux. Le joueur doit se sacrifier afin de sauver le monde...peut être.

Final level of the game. The player has to sacrifice himself to save the world. Maybe.

This project was realized during an assignment when I was in Korea. The subject was rather free, we only had to finish in 6 months and use Unity3D. We decided to make a 3rd person platformer. The base idea was simple, the player had to go up a erupting moutain and throw himself into the fire in order to apease the gods. Once again I was in charge of the level design and also the implementation of the core gameplay mechanics. It was a fun project, and if the programmation wasn’t the hardest part, I spent a lot of time creating the level.

You can download  an archive of the game here, but beware, it’s not a really finished game. Sorry about that. To play unzip the archive somewhere and launch KillYourself.



(From january 2013 to june 2013)
Team : 4 members
Duration : 6 month
Tool : …
Language : Processing
Status : Finished
My role : Gameplay Programmer, game designer

For this one me and my team decided to make a tactical/card game inspired by the Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8. The difficulty was in the language which was… not really friendly user. But well, we managed to present something during an open presentation organized by the school. People who tried our game were rather fond of the game. Even with the poor graphism and ergonomy.

You can download the game here. To launch the game just double click on the exe called projet. By the way, the name Euzvhil is a real word, but was does that mean? 🙂

Plateau de jeu de Euzvhil.

Board game of Euzvhil



(During 2012)

Team : 6 members

Duration : 6 month

Tool : Unreal Development Kit
Language : Unrealscript
Status : Prototype
My role : Project Manager, Gameplay programmer, Game designer

This one is our PFA (Projet de Fin d’année, or End-of-year project). We could chose any subject we wanted. So, with some friends we decided to create a video game with the Unreal Development Kit. The idea was similar to a MOBA (League of Legend, DOTA, etc…), but in space and with a tiny addition : a huge mothership for each team. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s mothership without losing yours. And of course, the mothership can also defend itself.

We had a lot of technical problems, mainly because it was the first time we used the UDK. In the end we add our prototype, and making the « trailer » for it was really funny. I even gave my voice for one of the character in the video!


R-Type multi-player

(During 2012)

Team : 5 members
Duration :
6 month
Tool : …
Language :
Status :
My role :
Gameplay programmer

During my second year in EPITECH the last and biggest project of this second year was making an exact replicas of  R-Type but multiplayer. I was in charge of the core gameplay programmation, server side. I programmed the movement, the shooting system, the spawning system of the monsters, and their movements. A very interesting project, even though during the defense I discovered that the features I developped the night before were finaly working.

I don’t have the executable, but I have the source for the server here.


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