Game Jam : Emergence

Three weeks ago I took part in a game jam in Paris. Organized by several association, it was the first time I assisted a game jam physically, and not in a distance. I participated to several LudumDare, but it was always through the net.

Being with several other people in the same room all working on a video game is really different. As you know that other people are also struggling hard trying to make something, anything. It is a boost in motivation.

The theme was : Emergence. (Some more information here) I found this quite challenging, and I teamed up with another developer and with started working on some kind of RTS. The main idea was to have an army in which you control only the officers, and the common soldier only follow simple orders the player can gave them at their creation. For exemple : if the soldier on my right is a swordsman, then I walk behind him.

In the end, we weren’t able to create something playable. But it was fun nevertheless. I will probably do it again next time. Hoping this time to to better 😀

Here is the link toward the official website of the main organizer of this game jam.


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